Team Building Course

This is not your average meeting or team building exercise that can leave your group thinking, “That was a waste of time.”This is the same professional training that our operatives use every day. This event will amaze your staff, enthuse your workforce and deliver security awareness like never before.

ITF Detectives Covert Mission:

Surveillance Team building Experience the same professional training that Top International Operatives use every day. Here is your Mission: should you be willing to accept it, we will disavow all knowledge of your whereabouts and identity (Important Notice: This webpage will disappear in approximately 60 seconds if you do not respond quickly and book a session immediately!) Mission: As a Covert Operative, you will be expected: To follow all Targets on foot without being observed, To provide Mobile Surveillance without making eye contact at any time, To control threats of all types and to protect your assigned high stakes Principle.

A brand new 007 corporate style team building and security training program is finally available in the United Kingdom. In a new partnership between Task Services Group and ITF Detectives, they are bringing the first ever Covert Mission Surveillance Team Building which allows team members to participate in a unique true Bond-like experience. Whether you think you are James or Jane Bond, Sherlock or Shirley Holmes, everyone of all ages and physical conditions will have the thrill of their life with the “off the charts excitement” of cloak and dagger, “Foot and Mobile Surveillance.” ITF Detectives Surveillance Team Building program will train your employees in effective counter-surveillance techniques.

You will learn how to observe and determine if you are under surveillance, what to do if you suspect that you are being followed, and how to put someone else under surveillance. Most importantly you will also learn how to protect both you and your colleagues with evasive and defensive foot and driving techniques. You will receive the same basic training that all Task Services Professionals undergo before going ‘live in the field’ as Close Protection Officers, the only difference is that your operatives also undergo another four months of training! Through the Covert Mission Surveillance Team building program, ITF Detectives create a collaborative environment that will help your team to achieve heretofore unseen levels of organizational alignment. When you succeed, your team will function as a single tight knit focused unit.

Covert Surveillance Team building is guaranteed to be 100% exciting, thrilling, intriguing and driven by the adrenaline pumping mystery of the unknown. This event will amaze your staff, energize your workforce, and deliver practical High-level Security and Situational awareness like never before! Custom Design your Training Experience Your experience will be based on a a high energy mixture of classroom training, role-play and full action experiential training. Select our 1, 3 or 5 day Surveillance program

1 Day Program:Learn the key features of foot surveillance in a series of 2 Situational Awareness Exercises and 3 practical hands-on Foot Surveillance experiences. Classroom time will be used for role play and demonstrations to improve your skills and agility in the field.

3 Day Program: Includes all of the features of the 1 day training plus more on Reconnaissance, Close Protection Procedures, Managing the Safety of your Principle, as well as an entire day or Practical Exercises and Mock Surveillance Investigation.

5 Day Program: Includes all of the features of our 3 day program plus: Day 4: A comprehensive real-time Mobile and Foot Surveillance Operation with Debriefing Day 5: A complete day long Surveillance Operational Simulation

Just to give you a taste of what is in store, please find below the schedule for our 1 day event ONE DAY EVENT SCHEDULE:

9.00am Start with introductions and course aims. (This would include the team members introducing themselves, their company and a brief statement of what they hope to achieve from the course/event.)

9.30am Short mental agility test to ascertain group’s current mind set.

9.45am Situation Awareness. (An understanding of what situation awareness is all about followed by role play in an open environment to get the team to understand just how much they do not notice when taking a 10 min walk through a busy environment

10.30am Role play on foot surveillance. (The team, which will have been split into small groups, will be given a target to follow for 30 Min’s. We require a report on where the subject went, who he/she talked to, the route taken and any other noticeable event that took place whilst the subject was under surveillance. Please note that the subject will be one of our operatives who will be compliant and not try to deliberately lose the tracking team!)

11.15amBreak for coffee, refreshments etc.

11.30am Team leader chosen. Leader to plan a 45 min surveillance operation to include the use of radio communications. In this scenario the target is known to be meeting another person. What happens after the meet and subsequent action there after is down to the team leader’s decisions.

12.30am Discussion on above and Report writing by the team.

1.00pm Lunch.

2.00pm Role Play on foot surveillance. (This time the team will be following one of our operatives who will be non compliant. This is really fun as the team will have normally lost the target within 5 Min’s and has to return to the classroom and explain what went wrong!

2.30pm Discussion on above. (This is to highlight that if you take defensive surveillance it is very hard to follow somebody without being noticed.) Team now have to plan and instigate that plan in a two hour operation. In this scenario it is known that the target will be meeting two suspects at one of these meetings which might happen more than once an envelope will be passed over, we require photographic evidence of the handover and the person who has received the envelope followed as well as the original target and other person that he met. This scenario might need the use of vehicles (supplied) if the suspects go mobile! This will stretch the team and its leader, can they track all suspects? Can they photograph the handover? The scenario ends back in the meeting room where the team have to identify the suspect with the envelope. There will be multiple meetings of the three suspects and possible multiple handover of the envelope. Can the team correctly identify the suspect holding the envelope and the end?

4.30pm Full debrief of the above operation leading into course wind down, award of certificates and award of ‘Best of Class Operative’