Private Investigation

Private Investigators

Questions you should be asking when considering hiring an investigator:

1.Does the company have a private investigation license in the country that my investigation will be taking place

2.Is the private detective that will be handling my investigation familiar with the area where the investigation will take place?

3.Will I be able to talk directly to the investigator that will be handling my investigation?

4.Are the investigators that will be handling my investigation employees of the company or will my case be subcontracted to another private investigator?

5.How much experience does the investigator handling my investigation have?

6.Does the company have the ability to use more than one private detective on my case?

7.Does the company have both male and female investigators?

8.Does the private investigator that will be working my case have an appropriate surveillance vehicle?

9.Has the investigator working my case performed similar assignments in the past?

The ITF Difference: Your case will be assigned to a private detective that is an employee of ITF (Our cases are not subcontracted out) Our investigators have at least ten years of experience Our central control offices in the UK keeps close contact with the investigator that will be handling your investigation. We are always available to update you on the progress of your investigation. Database research is done prior to your case being assigned to our investigators. We have a code of ethics that each detective is required to adhere to. Our employees attend investigator seminars to keep abreast of industry technology. We consider our private investigators to be among the best equipped private investigators in the industry. Our investigators are provided with digital video cameras with night vision. Each private investigator has two custom built covert cameras available on all assignments. Our investigators drive discreet, specially equipped surveillance vehicles.