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Parental Kidnapping


ITF were contacted by the client who stated that his wife had taken their two sons and disappeared. It was established that the Man was a USA Citizen and his wife from Gaziantep, Turkey. The story was of a 10 year marriage that had recently broken down where both had filed for custody of the children. Although the marriage had broken down the couple were on reasonable terms and still lived in the Marital Home. Around August time the Client had to go away for a few days for a course on his return he found the house empty, clothes missing along with suitcases and passports his included. Frantic telephone calls to family and friends gave up no information; nobody had seen them or knew where they were. The local Law Enforcement agencies were informed and the wait began.

After a few days of hearing nothing and worried sick for his children the client contacted ITF and gave us his story and that he felt she had taken the children abroad. ITF assigned a six man team to deal with the case. The fact she took his passport as well gave reasons to think that she had definitely gone abroad and took his passport in a way to stop him following immediately as he would need to get a new passport first. Enquiries were made with local transportation firms and taxis and confirmation came of a pick up and drop off at the airport for the wife and two sons. After a case study and profiling it was a reasonable assumption that she had gone back to Turkey where her family still lived including Sister and Brothers.

The team arrived in Turkey and using our connections to various agencies were allowed to see footage of arrivals at the airport. After hours of screen time she was spotted with the children getting into a taxi at the airport. The taxi firm was contacted and the driver interviewed and an address was obtained where the driver dropped off the woman and children. The address was placed under surveillance and after four days the Sister was seen leaving the address. She was followed to another address and this was then placed under surveillance. Three days later the woman and children were seen at the Sisters address, the client was informed along with the Turkish Authorities. No agency could do anything in reality as no crime had been committed as both parents at the time still had joint custody.

The client arrived in Turkey and a trained ITF specialist made contact with the woman and children, in the meantime the father had obtained sole custody through the US Courts albeit a temporary order, unfortunately this order is non enforceable in Turkey. The trained ITF specialist had a two hour meeting with the woman and her family whilst the client spent a stressful two hours in his hotel room. After negotiations it was agreed that the children would return to the US with their father and that any action for custody should be settled by the courts. The children were picked up by ITF OP’s and reunited with their father in a Hotel room a few hours later.

The court case is still ongoing and the wife has returned to the US. A good outcome all considered, but as all these cases are, it was stressful for everyone, emotional and we can only imagine what a parent would be going through when this sort of incident occurs. Some details have been changed to protect both clients and subject but the basis of the incident is as written. Remember when Governments and Agencies can not help you ITF can.