Missing persons

International Missing People

Tracing missing people home and abroad ITF neither interferes with nor replaces any on-going police enquiries for missing people. However, there are many instances of people simply losing touch with one another or, for one reason or another, needing to find a third party and that is where we bring our not inconsiderable resources into play on your behalf. ITF Detectives can have investigators on the ground in hours covering the whole of Europe, USA and Asia. We will make the necessary enquiries to find the missing person including liason with Local Law Enforcement and other agencies.

We will never stop looking, unfortunately unless a crime is suspected many Law Enforcement agencies have their hands tied in the amount of time and resources they can put into a ‘Missing Persons Case’ ITF will use every resource we have to locate the person. Examples include finding lost relatives for various reasons, finding a name and address associated with a car registration, finding persons who have gone missing for various reasons. We aim to discover the subject’s current whereabouts and then inform the client.

All our searches are carried out via the most up-to-date computer databases – a complex series of checks and enquiries, augmented by feet on the ground investigations to check and double check the subject’s identify and whereabouts. We would advise our client on the kind of specific details they may have that might be useful, such as age, description, car details, home and work addresses. The more information you have, the quicker we can get the results you want. Surprisingly often, a less-than-usual piece of information is the key to finding someone, such as a love of golf or preference for a particular holiday destination.

Although the internet now offers the layperson a considerable amount of information about an individual in minutes that would otherwise have taken days to uncover, our experience and contacts enable us to enhance those conventional lines of enquiry with a range of lesser known or less accessible resources. We can go a lot further then most into the paper and electronic trails that people leave in the course of their ordinary lives in order to find their whereabouts on behalf of a client. “Discretion. Confidentiality. Professionalism.

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