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ITF Detectives were contracted by a large Food Company, who had received information, about counterfeit goods being sold and on display in various locations in the Middle East. ITF assigned a team of 8 to cover this case and started by placing three stores under surveillance and also had two workers on the inside of one other store to see if they could ascertain who was supplying the goods. After a few days a small lorry was identified as the supplying vehicle and this was then followed to various locations throughout the city. The lorry was finally followed to an Industrial area and a large warehouse was photographed and video taken over a period of a week.

The counterfeit goods coming into the warehouse were identified as being delivered by another vehicle and this again was placed under surveillance leading ITF to the docks area. Enquiries were made and manifests were looked into and the country of origin was identified along with the agents and supplier. ITF sent a four man team to this country and again surveillance commenced tracing back from the docks to the factory/industrial area where the counterfeit goods were being manufactured. Local Law Enforcement, Customs and other agencies were then engaged and warrants obtained.

The outcome was four arrests, one factory shut down and over $700,000 of counterfeit goods seized. The case concluded in 2011 with jail time for those involved and some very sophisticated packaging machines disabled. One very happy client with whom ITF now enjoy a very good working relationship. It takes time but ITF will always find the source and take all necessary legal steps to protect our client’s interests.