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British Airways farce:

If you want to know how not to run a Customer Service department then read on.

Late August decided to book holiday to Miami to include car hire, as we were already in Barcelona prior to holiday went on to BA Holidays website and saw the big banner “Guaranteed savings when booking flight and car together” so booked Barcelona to Miami with car hire for 19 days, price was reasonable.
A few hours later just looking I put in the flight direct on the BA website and got price and also put in Car hire on own again in BA website and suprise suprise the price was actually lower than the price I had paid as a “Guaranteed saving” booking both together.
I then checked with Avis, BA’s preferred partner and if I had booked direct with Avis it would have been even cheaper!!
I rang BA to complain and agent looked and agreed that this was not right but as it was a flight starting outside UK I had to ring Bremmen in Germany to complain. This I did and again agent there looked and agreed something was obviously wrong, put me on hold and then line went dead this after quite awhile on hold on an International call.
I then on 1/9/15 emailed a complaint to the Executive Members website as directed to do by Manage my Bookings part of the BA website, as I am an Executive member this seemed logical. 3/9/15 received email from Executive Member agent saying they can not assist and they have passed it to BA Customer Relations. 6/9/15 received email from BA Customer Relations saying they can not help so they have passed it to BA Holidays customer relations. 9/9/15 still no reply in relation to my complaint so I tried to ring to cancel the whole booking as this was now beyond a joke. I was on hold for over 47 mins on a 0344 number and eventually gave up as phone still not answered.
The original complaint is copied below. I am at a loss how a company can treat customers in this way, their twitter account stated all complaints are dealt with in date order, my reply was “Just how many complaints do you have when it takes over a week and still no reply” They did not answer that one.
All in all BA are guilty of false advertising stating Guaranteed saving will be made, when clearly they are not. Also why is Avis direct cheaper than BA (Avis are their preferred partner) surely BA get a massive discount from Avis and obviously this is not passed to BA customers.
Very very disappointing service from BA, still no answer to my complaint and I can not even cancel at the moment as they will not answer the phone!!
Original complaint below:

Customer By Web Form – 01/09/2015 12.17 PM (BST) I have spent 40 mins and 5 different phone calls including one to Germany which ended when line went dead to get an answer to this. Your site claims guaranteed savings if flight and car are booked together, this is not true. I booked flight and car BCN to MIA 12th to 30th December 2015. I noticed after booking that it seemed expensive for the car. On checking if I had booked flights with BA direct and then Car with BA direct it was cheaper than the combined. If I had gone to Avis Direct it was even cheaper. Two of your consultants looked at this and agreed that something was wrong but could not do anything about it as I needed to speak to your office in Bremmen Germany. I rang and he agreed also but the phone went dead. By this time I had spent 40 mins on calls and 5 different people thus this complaint via email. Your advertising is misleading to say the least, there is no savings in fact it is more expensive. Look at your systems and you will see BA direct for flights and BA direct for car seperately is cheaper than the two combined. False advertising and very poor service. Two of your agents checked this and both agreed with me and the most disappointing thing is that if you go direct to Avis it is even cheaper, surely a company of your size must get a big discount from Avis?? if so why are you not passing these savings to your customers? So your advertising is wrong but as I have already booked the combined there is nothing I can do as I would incur cancellation fees above the price of the savings. One very very disappointed Executive Member

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